the write stuff

Handwriting stuff, that is! I love writing (with a pen) – the feel of the pen in your hand, writing on a nice squashy piece of paper, flicking through a word-filled notebook… Tis pretty nice. I can NOT handle a scratchy pen though, OR writing onto ONE piece of paper straight onto the table  – bleck!

This was on Meet Me at Mike’s on Friday, so I had to get on board. And I love a little meme too (especially when it’s an easy one like this!):

You should do it, if you’re keen. It’s nice to step away from your computer for a few minutes, dig out a nice piece of paper, find your favourite pen (under a pile of wool and paint samples on the dressing table, and write a little summin’ summin’…

  1. What is your name?
  2. Blog URL?
  3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  4. Favourite quote?
  5. Favourite song? (at the mome)
  6. Favourite band/musician/singer? (at the mome)
  7. Say anything you want
  8. Tag 3-5 bloggers

Let me know if you do this! Hurrah!!