immigration – an afterthought

So when I was going through immigration at Melbourne Airport on Monday, a funny thing happened. Here is the dialogue of what went down between me and the immigration officer (a man in his mid-fifties – let’s call him Peter):

Enter: me, passport and immigration card in hand, beaming, twinkling eyes, full of excitement

Me (approaching the desk): Hello!

Peter: Hello – THAT’S a winning smile! You get the winningest smile of the day award!

Me: *blushes* Thanks – I’m a bit excited about my trip today!

Peter (looking at my immigration card): 5 months… 5 months? You’re away for 5 months? How does anyone manage to get that much time off work??!

Me: I don’t know! <this dialogue is not working as well on paper as it did when it went down – I promise it wasn’t as ditzy as it sounds>

Peter (smiling): You must have made a mistake. Let me change that for you to 5 days…

Me (flashing that winning gold star smile in return – laughing intonation): Ho ho ho – yes OK!!

But then – Peter the immigration officer DID change my immigration card to 5 days. Was he joking?? I thought he was! I thought my ‘ho ho ho’-ing made it clear that I was joking!! Let this blog post be a testament to ‘the joke’ and that it WAS a joke and that I am SERIOUSLY away on this adventure for 5 months, not 5 days.

A 5 day adventure would still be an adventure, but not quite this adventure. Should I be nervous? Eep.

do you need a reason?

Sometimes you do. Sometimes it’s hard to get something started ‘just because’. It shouldn’t be. Writing should be something you just do, because you love it, or because you have interesting stories (or think you do!), or because you have a bad memory and want to document your days and experiences. It seems strange to me that we often need an ‘event’ (Hello brides! Hello new parents!!) to get a blog up and running, when really, we should just get things started.

That said, I needed a reason to get the ball rolling on this bloggy behbeh.

On the 18th of July, my darling fella and I are embarking on a 5 month adventure around the world. This is a HUGE thing for us – it’s the longest time either of us have ever been away from home, and it’ll be the longest time we’ve spent together alone; we’ll have friends and family joining us along the way, but in the nearly 8 years we’ve been together, the longest we’ve been “just us” has been about 2 weeks. Tis a pretty exciting prospect!

Soooooo, The Adventures of Wembolina is a diary of our travels, and the leadup (we’ve got 5 weeks to go!), and the aftermath. This is a way for us to plan and keep in touch and share our tales and photos and good bits and bad bits, but most of all, document everything. I hope you like it…


Rich & Wembolina in Morocco - 2008