i’d rather be crocheting…

So I mentioned in my Melbourne to-do list that I had just partaken in a crochet class. And I think I told you that it was pretty good. Well, it was actually AMAZING because it has awoken a long dormant crafty MONSTER* in me, and now I Cannot. Stop. Crocheting.

This is the start of something big(ger than the little green round)

My first few sessions (a usual ‘session’ consists of about 8 straight hours where I don’t really do anything else) were a labour of love. There were dropped stitches. There were double stitches that seemed lacking in knotty goodness. There was a poor choice of wool colour going on.

But then, as my confidence grew and I spent rather a lot of cash at the wool shop (stocking up on a BEAUTIFUL array of colours, that were on sale and are very stunning), I suddenly entered – The Crochet Zone.

So many colours....

The Crochet Zone gets more and more alluring the closer you get to it (and you are only assured entry by doing those initial stupidly long sessions) – suddenly you can multi-task. You can crochet while watching a violent Australian film (although I don’t recommend doing this, because it can be quite traumatic). You can crochet in bed while your partner tells you about their day. You can crochet ON DOG WALKS!!! Yes, The Crochet Zone enables you to take your wool and hook to dog park and whip up a granny square in a matter of minutes (well, around 60 or so….).

So far I’ve made TEN delightful granny squares, that will soon become a beautiful rug. Soon being in about 7 months. But I’m on my way!! Hurrah!

Doing a craft like this is SO extremely satisfying as well – you’re producing colourful, cutesy, patterned squares of loveliness. Secretly I like to put my squares one on top of the other and just look at them. And I like to hold them in my hand like a deck of knitted cards. And I like to lay them out on my bed and imagine what they’ll look like as a blanket…. I do it with wool too. Place it randomly, yet systematically, on the doona and picture it as a crocheted jumper… Or crocheted cushion cover… Or crocheted dog outfit. I also like to take photos of my squares and wool. Lots and lots of photos. Sheesh, I hope I’m not turning into Crazy Craft Lady!

Imagine this multiplied by 1000 and that's mah rug, bee-arch!

Artistically placed squares and wool

Do YOU crochet? Or knit? Or have a craft that you are a little bit addicted to? Tell me about it!

*Monster, in capitals, may be the wrong choice of word here. I fear that my family now think of me as a monster though, as I knot and loop through episodes of Desperate Housewives and Breaking Bad, but really? It’s better than doing nothing, right? I mean, it’s not like I’m smoking, you know? Honestly, I don’t have a problem. I AM NOT A MONSTER!!!