About the Adventures

Me (and the side of my fella)

Bonjour! This is me (and the side of my fella’s head)

Helloooooo! I’m Wembolina. Thanks so much for stopping by!

My current adventure sees me in Melbourne, where I’ve lived my whole life (except for a brief stint in Canada). I live in a house with licorice allsort-coloured walls with my supergreat husband, his two kids (who are TEENAGERS!), our black & white cat and our dog Gus. He has eyebrows and a beard that make him look quite distinguished, but really, he’s a big der-brain. I love to write and cook and eat and read and crochet and knit and take le pooch on long walks. I like coffee and green smoothies (yup, I’m one of those people). I’m trying desperately hard to be a jogger (without much luck).

I set up this blog a coupla years, when my lovely fella and I jetsetted around the globe on a WORLD TOUR! In a nutshell we:

Spent a week on the beach in Bintan, Indonesia, then went to London for some Pimms with friends and a trip to Camp Bestival, then Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia and Turkey – *takes a breath* – THEN we crossed the pond to go to a wedding in Toronto and mosey our way around Ontario and Quebec, then spent a month in New York. After that, South America! Costa Rica (hello sloths!!), Rio (hello to YOU, giant Jesus statue!!!), Venezuela (hello surfing!!) and the cherry on the cake PERU (HELLO LLAMAS, BEAUTIFUL POWER ANIMALS OF MINE!!!!!!). Phewf. What a mouthful. It’s a big amazing list. It was a bit scary at times too. But mostly it was a huge, exciting, eye-opening adventure.

This little blog started out as a diary of our travels, but now that we’re back, it’s more a way for me to write. Not just about adventures, but about weird/strange things I might see, or something I want to share, or something that I might need a bit of help figuring out. Sometimes I might just post a sound grab of my dog snoring too – hope that’s OK.


p.s. If you want to get in touch about writing-related things or just to say say hello, please email me on battlekratz@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About the Adventures

  1. Miss Wembolina, you should do a map to show us all the locations. Infographic maybe?! Love reading your blog – the immigration one was particularly funny as I could see it all in my mind!

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