a cuppa tea with me

So I think I told you about my recent toe-dip into the world of online courses? Where I signed up for the wonderful Blog with Pip eCourse with the supernice Pip Lincolne? And I actually kinda sorta did it? You might have noticed a few little changes around here – a bit of a spring clean, if you will – like my fancy new banner (thanks so much Katie!!), and a whizz-bang updated About Me page, and a few other little bits and bobs.

Anyhoo. The other bloggers and I are partaking in a big ol’ cuppa-tea-and-a-biscuit sesh. In the VIRTUAL WORLD! And I’d like to invite you too! You can get to know a little bit more about me, and if you like, you can do the same on your blog, or post a comment about what’s happening in your part of town. Hang on a tic, Imma gonna pop the kettle on and get us some donuts.

Let's have a salted caramel donut instead

Aforementioned donut (it’s salted caramel)

So! I’m Wembolina (obvy), I live in Melbourne (in Victoria, not Florida), and I’m a researcher & writer by day, a social-media-type person for a few different companies after hours, and a cook/dog-walker/cat-patter/reader/crafter/writer/downloader-of-great-TV-shows by night! I live with my luvverly fella and his two (teenage) daughters as well (but I haaaaaaate the term ‘stepmum’, because I don’t have warts on my nose and I don’t lock them in the cellar and we actually all like each other quite a bit). I’m trying to be better at going to the gym and I secretly love the big crossword that comes out in the summer newspapers… I’m also weirdly protective of our wheely bins.

My favourite things to do are eat (!) and drink (!!) with people I love, and people I am getting to know. Having giant Jenga parties with new friends, where we chow down on excellent food while drinking white wine spritzers is in my top 10 things favourite things to do, along with strolling aimlessly with le pooch, watching Degrassi with the girls, and having excellent adventures with my fella.

Some nerds playing giant Jenga.

Some nerds playing giant Jenga.

My favourite place to be? Eeep, am I getting old? It’s in my backyard… Watering plants and eating tomatoes and chatting to whoever might be around.

Favourite food and drink is a toughie for me, because I love just about ALL food and drink! But because we’re in the midst of a heatwave (so it’s sadly not ideal tea-drinking weather) today my faves would be an icy cold beer and a big slice of watermelon. Maybe not together though.

Remember this guy?

This guy was so evil I had to eat him…

I find in-spa-ray-shon in many, many things; weird things I see, conversations I have, and things I read. But the best inspiration comes from people around me – I’m pretty lucky, because I have some wonderfully ace people in my neck of the woods, who make me think differently and outside da box ALL the time!

This year I made a resolution to educate myself more. I want to know more about how brains work and how people operate, so I’ve been reading books on thought processes and the like. I loooooove learning new things, so I’m keen to do more course-type things too (especially around WRITING!).

Some favourite blogs… Well, there are blogs I’ve been reading for aaaaaages (and always love) like Meet Me At Mikes, My Darling Lemon Thyme, banana meet-cute, Gourmet Girlfriendand nothing matters when we’re dancing and ‘Voir Tales (among others!!) to blogs that I’ve discovered through doing Pip’s course, like Grow.Cook.Sew, Little Wolff, miss and misters and Think Big, Live Simply. There are SO many MORE incredible bloggers who have done this course, and I’m super excited about getting stuck into what everyone’s been doing!

So that’s me! What about you? What are some of your favourite things to do, food to eat, places to be, inspirations and blogs, and what do you want to know more about in 2014? And what would your reaction be if you discovered your wheelie bin had been INADVERTENTLY TAKEN BY A NEIGHBOUR/THIEF ON BIN DAY???


16 thoughts on “a cuppa tea with me

  1. If they are going to kidnap the wheelie bin (and the neighbour has tried to ‘discreetly’ hide it down the side of their house), a midnight stealth mission would be required to post a note on the bin explaining how lost it’s feeling without its owner and could it please be allowed to go home to “insert address here” 😉

  2. love this post! you definitely sound like the kind of person i’d like to muse on wheely bins with, cup of tea in hand. hang in there in this heatwave! looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2014. x Helen

  3. Yikes, I can’t believe we did a whole course together and I’m only just discovering you! So embarrassing. I love your Cup of Tea with Me, and can relate on so many levels! Love my backyard. Love learning. Love jenga. But most importantly, that donut looks so good! Did you make it? Can you learn how, and then teach me? Looking forward to exploring more here. X

    • Those donuts are the best! Alas, it was not homemade… But mayhaps I’ll pop that on my list of things to learn more about, and perfect the art of the salted caramel donut, and post my findings on ZE BLOG!! xx

  4. Was super-excited to see someone else with the learning ‘bug’ like I have experienced lately – good luck with what you choose to do and so great to meet you (well blog-meet you 🙂

    • Wahoo! Learning is COOL!! I’m a tad jealous of all the kidlets and stoodents who get to fill their brains with good stuff EVERY DAY (but they don’t quite get just how good it really is!). Thanks so much for popping in – luvverly to meet you tooooo! xx

    • Nice to meet YOU, Clare! You WILL love the course – it’s lots of fun and all the bloggers are super supportive and great. Can’t wait to see you get stuck into it! xx

  5. My 88 year old grandmother had her neighbours swap her lovely clean bin (she kept it clean) with their scungy and graffiti-riddled bin. I didn’t realise she was attached to her bin until then. She went off! Hahaha…this 88 year old Polish lady who speaks in an extremely poor version of English was going off! At them, to me, to my cousin (who’s wife called the council and the landlord of her neighbours…an old family friend), to my mum….basically to anyone who’d listen! I thought she might be the only person who was attached to their bins until I read this. Comforting!

  6. Lovely reading this, it’s such a nice snapshot of you.
    We have bin issues but they are the ‘overflowing because teenager forgot to put the bin out again and it’s too hot to get to the tip’ variety!

  7. Couldn’t agree more with an icy cold beer on a hot day!
    Lovely to have been introduced to your blog 🙂
    p.s. there is nothing to be ashamed of with being overly protective of the wheelie bin (I hope you get him back soon!)

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