for aimoh

Hi Aimoh,

I know you’re an avid reader of The Adventures of Wembolina. So I dedicate this post to you, and your new-found fear of all things lizard. I spotted this mammoth beast yesterday when we were wandering back to our house from the beach. I’m not sure this picture does it justice: He. Was. Flipping. GINORMOUS!!!! And brightly coloured. And he had a mohawk of spikes all down his back.

I thought of you as I took this photo. And I thanked my lucky stars we don’t have these guys in the trees in Edinburgh Gardens.

Love from Wembolina xxx

"I love you, Aimoh!!"


3 thoughts on “for aimoh

  1. Somehow, I missed this special post. Which is ironical cos I NEVER miss a wembolina update! That lizard is way scarier than the lizards I saw. Argh. You are brave. Lots of love to you, just love living vicariously, travelling through the blog xo

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