so long, cities..

For a while, at least… Yesterday was our last day in New York – and our last day in a big city, probably until we get home. Rich and I are spending the next 8 weeks moseying through Central and South America, doing some jungle treks, enjoying some beach times, and, of course, frolicking with lle llamas on the Inca Trail – woot!!

This morning we had a mega wega early flight, so were up at the crack of dawn – in fact – even EARLIER than the crack. I have been having weirdy insomnia for the past few nights, so that, combined with my usual ‘night before an early start’ stress, meant that I got a whopping 2 hours of shut-eye.

We spent our last day in New York doing something quintessentially Rich. That’s right: we went to the movies. Twice. Saw ‘Moneyball’ (which honestly, I found quite zzz-y and would have much preferred if Jonah Hill was the main character so he could quip it up more often and do power wagging and fist pumping) then ‘Take Shelter’ (which was quite incredible – a little bit M. Night Shamaladingdong but not… I didn’t know anything about it and roolly liked it – 4 outta 5), then we headed back to the East Village for a Japanese dinner.

At dinner, I accidentally-on-purpose overheard a torturous conversation between a mother and daughter. When it started, I found it quite hilar, because it went a little something like this:

Mom: So I was thinking, for your party, why don’t we all go to the salon and get mani-pedis, then come back to the apartment and watch ‘Grease’ and have a Beauty School Drop-Out Sleepover?

Emo teen: But you’re not gonna watch the movie, right?

Mom: No way! I’ll be in the kitchen making popcorn and just making sure that there’s enough food and everyone’s happy!

Emo teen: OK, well, you’re not allowed to watch the movie. And Shelley and Micah and Debbie and Chrissy are all sleeping over and Renee and Sara are coming too but they’re not sleeping over, OK?

Mom: No, Renee and Sara are NOT coming to your party. And Gareth is gonna watch ‘Grease’ with you guys too.

Emo teen: What? Gareth? No way Mom!!!

Mom: Yes way. Gareth is gonna watch ‘Grease’ and then I am gonna teach you the dances.

Emo teen: WHAT??? You said you weren’t even gonna be in the room!! And why are you so desperate for us to watch ‘Grease’ and DANCE??!!

It went on like this for ages. Ages… I couldn’t concentrate on anything Rich was saying because all I could hear was ‘mani-pedis’ and ‘Grease’ and ‘dancing’ and ‘Moo-ooo-ooom’. When they left, the kid was crying and it seemed like the partay was definitely NOT happening…

After dinner, we strolled home, packed everything up, watched a ’30 Rock’ and went to bed (where, as mentioned, I lay awake for the majority of the night).

But it wasn’t all in vain – yesterday morning, in the grips of a nasty case of The Hangries, we stopped for breakfast at a Jewish diner on the Upper West Side. Sipping my coffee and getting stuck into a plate of blueberry pancakes, I espied a familiar face stroll through the door, attempting the incognito look in hoodie and scarf.

I knew he was someone semi-celeb, and I was SO excited that my one and only New York celebrity sighting of Richard Wilkins was about to be eclipsed. But who was it?

In my state of alertness late last night, I googled ‘Comedians who look like Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords’. Unfortunately, my google uncovered no leads… Then… ‘Saturday Night Live’ comedians, because I had a feeling that mebbe he was an SNL regular. And there it was. This guy!!

So he’s not really THAT much like Jemaine, but you can see the resemblance, yeah?

Anyhoo. I’m a bit delirious. We have been in transit all day and have arrived in Costa Rica and are about to get stuck into some local beers and some food and it’s kinda really dark because it’s night time, but I have ALL my fingers and toes crossed that tomorrow morning when I wake up, I’ll see a MONKEY!!!!

Adios amigos xxx


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