o my cakeness…

I have just returned back to our little apartment in the East Village from a cupcake baking & decorating class. I love cooking (LOVE cooking!!) but I find I have little time for baking. And I was keen to do a cooking class while in New York. So when I strolled past Butter Lane Bakery the other night and saw that they offered cupcake classes, well, I couldn’t go past it. Hone mah baking skillz, meet some peeps, and walk away two hours later with nine cupcakes. Sweet!

First we sat at a big, long table and each ate a cupcake. I’m not sure what flavour mine was, but it had pumpkin seeds on the top and it was kinda spicy and gingerbready and superbly delicious.

The 'Professional' batch

We were split up into groups and each designated to a flavour station (I was in the chocolate crew). We chopped up butter (a lot), put it in a mixer, added sugar (a lot), eggs, flour, chocolate, the usual cupcakey jazz, mixed it all together, scooped into patty pans and whacked into an industrial oven. Heavy duty cupcakes!!

Action shot!

Stirring shot!!

Ready to bake...

Half an hour later they were cooling in the New York evening, while we got stuck into….

ICING!!! – sorry – FROSTING!!!: chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese, pumpkin, peanut butter and chocolate cinnamon. Holy hellburgers. A LOT of butter goes into icing. It actually makes you want to have a little heart attack. A delicious heart attack. But sheesh – it’s seriously a lot.

Then! We learnt how to ice our cakes. I would have thought that icing a cupcake wasn’t really all that hard, but, like a Transformer, icing cupcakes is more than meets the eye. You hafta smoooooooth out the icing in the bowl; then you hafta ball it up onto your spatula; then you hafta hold your cupcake in your non-dominant hand (not my words), plop the icing on top and rotate the cupcake underneath it until you get an even consistency across the top and a little icingy flick. Who woulda thunk it would be such an involved task???

Two nude cakes, ready for.....


Nine iced cupcakes later, a few sprinkles here and there, I boxed up my goodies, bid my classmates ‘Adieu’, and headed back to our apartment. For a night of pure, uninterrupted, cupcake-eating bliss….. Yummo!

I won't give up my day job....

p.s. how great is this amazing print on the wall of the bakery??? I’d like one in my loungeroom….





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