rooftop cocktails

Last night Rich and I partayed up a storm in a PENTHOUSE in Manhattan, where we drank beers and cocktails and chatted to various peeps and gazed out over the balcony at a view that seriously rivals that at the Top of the Rock. My luvverly friend Emily was there and we chatted about cheese and ghettos and Brooklyn and friends, then we left and got burgers in the LES because there was no food at the schmooze-fest.

Today I feel like I have quite a bad headache and I am in desperate need of a cawfee…

p.s. Did I tell you that last week a guy asked me for my autograph?? True story. Mebbe he could foresee that I had a penthouse partay on the horizon and wanted to get in early in case I got signed by a music industry bigwig or Hollywood talent scout or met Tina Fey and became her right-hand-woman.

Well, that's quite a nice view...


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