Did I tell you that Eva and Scarlett arrived in New York on Wednesday evening? They did. I feel like I have been on the verge of bursting for the past few weeks, in anticipation of their arrival. Rich and I headed out to JFK on Wednesday afternoon (after a loooooong walk from our Williamsburg digs to Dumbo, then over the Brooklyn Bridge) – we arrived early, and passed the time with a game of Scrabble and a stale, over-priced muffin from Starbucks. There’s not a lot of choice for gastronomic pleasure in the arrival lounge at JFK… Every so often I would throw down our Scrabble game and check the flight board to see if their flight had arrived – I’d check back in with Rich every few minutes:

“It’s on time!”

“It’s fifteen minutes away!”

“It’s making its final approach!”

“It’s LANDED!!”

We packed up our Scrabble, binned our stale muffin, and stood outside the arrival gates, as close as we could get. As each weary traveller emerged, my excitement grew and grew, to the point where I actually burst into tears upon seeing a complete stranger reunited with a lover/brother/friend. What a loser… This is why I can’t watch those airport shows or This Is Your Life.

As I wiped away the tears, two familiar faces beamed towards us through the arrivals gate. Both looking totally spectacular, and not at all like they’d just spent 24 hours on a plane.

The past two months have felt a little like there’s been a big gaping hole in my heart, and as soon as I saw those two beautiful girls, it was instantly filled. Tis a weird and lovely and comforting and ace feeling. Sigh… It has definitely been strange and a bit unsettling and quite lonely without them for the past little while, and things are most certainly not as hilarious when they’re not around, but now that they’re here it’s like no time at all has passed. Except that they’re a little bit taller and a little bit wiser and a little bit more grown up.

Scarlett’s beauty continually knocks me for six – every time I see her, my breath is taken away, just a bit… And chatting with her, about life and parents and sisters and the future, well, I am constantly surprised (and awe-struck) by her insights and intelligence. She is a cracker, and one amazing lady.

Eva puts a smile on my dial morning and night, with her enthusiasm and hilarious outlook on everything. My favourite times with Eva at home have always been when we’re walking somewhere – either with the dog, or to school, or to the shops – and I’m so so glad that we’re having hysterical walks and talks here as well, about cats and dreams and friends.

Best of all is seeing the girls and Rich back together again. He has been a little bit lost without them too, and he smiles a different smile and laughs a different laugh when they’re around. Their love is infectious, and I’m finding myself spending quite a bit of time sitting back and just watching them be. It’s a great gang to be in.

We have two weeks together in NYC; already we’ve spent an afternoon in Central Park at the zoo, eaten cupcakes and big salty pretzels, been on a Gossip Girl tour (AMAZING!!) where we visited filming locations and Dylans Candy Store (heavenly), and where our tour guide accidentally burped into the microphone just after professing her love of Chuck Bass to us for the umpteenth time… There are more adventures to come, but I’m most looking forward to the strolls and the ice-creams and the chats that are chatted on our way from here to there.

Scarf, Rich & Beev in NYC

Rich and Beev and the ridonkulous sundae at Serendipity3

Streets lined with sweets



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