flying to newark

The air hostess on our flight from Raleigh to Newark on Friday morning was surprisingly chipper for such an early flight. I fell a little bit in love with her Tammi Taylor-type demeanor, the way she asked “How y’all doin’?” when we boarded the flight; the way she asked “What would y’all lark to drink?” when she brought around the beverage trolley; the way she gave Rich an extra bag of peanuts because the lady sitting beside us was asleep (“Y’all can have herrr peanuts”).

My favourite thing about our air hostess was when we landed in Newark. She got on the loudspeaker and said “Y’all please stay seated until the plane comes to a starp at the gates… Once the seatbelt sigh has been switched off, feel free to take everything off… (long pause) … The plane, that is!”

My friend Brian sent me a link to an even MORE entertaining airline employee – I would love to see this guy and my Tammy Taylor-type on a flight together!


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