conversation with brandon

Rich and I went to the baseball last night: the Toronto Blue Jays vs the New York Yankees. We know nothing about baseball. We had a quick lesson with a friend before we went to the game – how many innings, why the batter never swings on the first pitch, that it’s kind of a zzz-y game. A bit like cricket. Or soccer. Not much really happens.

We’re sitting next to a guy in a Blue Jays jersey and he’s VERY passionate. He sings all the songs. Does all the clapping. Boos in all the right places. Jumps out of his seat and roars when appropriate.

Rich struck up a conversation with him. His name was Brandon and he was in town for a conference from Saskatchewan. After a few tidbits about the game, they got to chatting about travel. Rich chatted a little about our trip – not much though. This is the conversation that followed:

Brandon: You going to Las Vegas?

Rich: No

Brandon: You heard of Las Vegas??

Rich: Yup

Brandon: You GOTTA go to Vegas. Everything’s so big. And eye-opening. It’ll change your life!!

Rich: In that we’ll lose all our money?

The conversation fizzled out after that. We went and got a beer and a hot dog and some Crackerjacks (that’s caramel corn, apparently – they feature in the ‘official’ Toronto Blue Jays song), ate til we felt verrrrry ill, then moseyed outta there to catch the last 20 minutes of Wilco’s set at Massey Hall.


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