midnight forest sausage show

Yesterday I ate so much food I couldn’t sleep. As I lay in bed, tossing and turning and bemoaning the second bowl of rice consumed at a Malaysian restaurant at dinner (after I polished off a massive bowl of salmon linguine, salad AND tiramisu at lunchtime), it occurred to me that I hadn’t mentioned the midnight forest show we went to in Olso a few days ago. And as I was pondering this, I thought “how great would it be if I titled that particular post ‘midnight forest sausage show’?? Geniusly great!!!”

Clearly the chilli tofu I had for dinner and fried banana dessert had made me feverish and delirious.

But I couldn’t let it go. So here it is.

At midnight on Friday, after a long day of strolling, cherry-eating and festival-ing, the Oya delegates (Rich) and tag-a-long-er-ers (me) were herded into a bus and driven into the dead of the Norwegian night.

Our destination? A forest, just outside the city, for a secret live performance.

The moon was full. Tis a wee bit scary being in a supposedly troll-filled forest at midnight while a full moon hangs low in the sky. There was talk of a showdown between the trolls and the werewolves. Our guide, Siggi, warned us “If anyone starts to get itchy palms or notices hair where there wasn’t hair before, please let me know immediately”.

Sounds like puberty to me, but also a sure sign you’re having a Teen Wolf moment – arrrooooooooooooo!!!!!!

We walked along a candle lined gravel path, deep into the forest, until we were met by three Norwegian folk musicians (guitar, a drum, and a bit of a witchy-poo singer) standing around a bonfire. With a glass-like lake alongside, it was quite a magical moment.

After a short set of four songs, a BBQ was lit and sausages were cooked over the open fire. I am dubious of meat cooked in the dead of night where the only light comes from the flame and the full moon – how can you see if it’s cooked properly? The light of the moon is not really strong enough to detect any salmonella-y pink bits in the middle, is it? It’s not really, but I bit the bullet (well, sausage) and did not really enjoy it very much, but hey, when you’re in a forest in Oslo in the middle of the night, you’ve gotta take what life throws at you. In this case, a sausage.

After the BBQ, a few brave souls swam in the lakes’ trolly waters, before we all got back on the buses and zzz-ed our way back to Oslo in a smoky, sausage-induced haze… I slept well that night. Maybe I need more meat at midnight? Perhaps I went wrong yesterday by going down the fish and vegetable path…




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