the grassy knoll

Have you ever taken a stroll to a beautiful park, enjoyed a cup of coffee and a biscuit, then sat down on the grass (yes, beautiful grass too) to read your book in the sunshine?

Only to be told that no one is allowed on the grass, and you must move to the designated sitting-on-the-grass area immediately?

I have. Yesterday. In Oslo. With Rich. The designated sitting-on-the-grass area was nice (though not as nice as the grass we had been reading on) but within minutes of sitting down a sunshower started, followed by a HUGE crack of thunder and torrential rain. We sought refuge in the Munch Museum and watched a rather saucy doco on his life (with re-enactments!! Of kissing!! And a little bit of nudity!!! Is there a similar doco on Sidney Nolan, I wonder?).

We ambled through the museum, listening to the rain teem down on the roof, wondering how we were going to make it back to our hotel without drowning… I bought a postcard. And ate a tuna sandwich. And as suddenly as it had started, the clouds parted, the sun shone out, and the storm had passed.

One thing I have learned about Oslo is that it rains. A lot. You should take an umbrella with you wherever you go.


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