question mark of death…

So the other night, after arriving home from an amazing hike in Iceland, I discovered my computer in a state of bewilderment. There it was, sitting on the table, it’s screen as grey as Stonehenge, with a flashing question mark in the middle of the screen.

‘Ack!’ I thought, and then I said it out loud, perhaps preceded with a ‘Flippin’!’. This is not a good start to the Nordic leg of the adventure.

I googled ‘flashing question mark’ on my phone and was given a set of differing instructions (none of which worked), then I hit up Facebook for help and was told it’s my hard-drive and it’s possibly dead.

Again, the words ‘Flippin ack!!!!’ were expelled from my mouth, still warm from many shots of Icelandic schnapps.

I slept on it. Not on my computer. But on the idea that my trusty laptop was no more. And in the morning I tried the ol’ on/off trick (which didn’t work either, surprisingly). I googled ‘Mac repairs reykjavik’ and came up with squat.

So it seems that my last day in London this Saturday – as we transit from Iceland to Norway – will actually be spent in a Genius bar in an outer London shopping centre, praying that there’s still a little life left in the old girl, enough at least to get me through the next 4 months so I can continue writing, storing photos and sharing adventures. Blogging from my phone is not a particularly appealing prospect!!

Cross your fingers for me – I’ll keep you posted!


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