london : berry nice

Breakfast at Thomas & Christopher's

Twas nice to spend the first major chunk of le world tour somewhere familiar, with friends, with a public transport system that is easy to navigate (seriously, how does Myki get it so flipping wrong??!), with fresh berries & cereal for breakfast every day and with good, cheap beer (I put in that bit about the berries so the above pic would be more relevant – although they are amazing at this time of year!!). With the exception of Canada and New York, everywhere else on le world tour is completely unknown to us…

So a wrap-up on my favourite things in London (that I haven’t already mentioned – I could devote MULTIPLE posts to the brilliance of Napoleon, if you like?):

  • Catching up with Fiona & Jerome at The Jolly Butcher in Stoke Newington, in a pub where dogs were welcome (hello, big, grey weimaraner), followed by a trip to their flat to meet the lovely Kashi and walk through the park in Seven Sisters. Coincidently, Seven Sisters is right near Walthamstow, home to East 17. As we strolled through the park, I had ‘House of Love’ barrelling through my head).
  • Cycling through Oxford with Brad, alongside double decker buses and beautiful old sandstone buildings, and past Harry Potter walking tours – never have I seen so many bookworms donned in pointy hats with magic wands. We rode through Radcliffe Square (obviously named after Daniel), ambled alongside the canal, cycled through a paddock with horses, and finished up with a pub lunch at The Punter (also boasting a ‘pub’ dog).

    Staring forlornly at an empty plate...

  • Getting lost on my way to Shoreditch via housing estates, witnessing a car accident, trying desperately not to look like a tourist (in the ghetto) but checking the A to Z like a madwoman, stumbling across the Tatty Devine store in Brick Lane and declaring ‘THIS IS FATE, I JUST TWEETED YOU!!! HELP I’M LOST!!!’ and then feeling like a moron (but they were SUPER helpful and pointed me in the direction of Old Street). By the way – how nice are their spectacle necklaces?? Want!!! 
  • Running into an old workmate in Whitechapel, while in search of a Wagamama that didn’t actually exist. He walked us to Tyabbs, which was unfortunately too full with too much of a line for us… Majeur de bummer, we strolled to a weird Pakistani place near our house and had curry instead… The curry wasn’t a highlight, but running into John was!
  • Dinner with Rich, Sarah & Tamara at a Vietnamese place in Old Street, followed by dessert and ‘Martinis’ (not the shaken variety, but the aperitif – not what I was expecting, but still great) at a crazy rockabilly-Euro-YeOldeFashioned cake shop across the road. The decor was BANANAS – old prints in gilt frames on all the walls, a black & white TV above the door playing a boxing match from the 60s, a dial up telephone (wha??), and a cake cabinet like you would not believe…
  • AND! Heading to Wareham/Lulworth with Rich, Sarah and Ben for Camp Bestival, massive walks, and sea kayaking. This is another post (with pictures!! And stories!! Of falling into the freezing cold ocean on the Jurassic Coast!!!) – to come!

Rich and I spent quite a lot of time on our own while in London; he, in meetings; me, wandering around, cuddling Napoleon, and researching adventures to come. Weirdly though, we ran into each other on the street, totally by accident, on three separate occasions. I think we’re meant to be doing this together…


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