ouch (revisited)

Something that hurts quite a lot is when you are stung by something when you’re swimming in the ocean. It was nothing serious – just me being a bit melo – but I think things hurt even more when you can’t see what it is that stung you. If I had seen a big bluebottle, or a shark wielding a big rope of nettle, then I’d know what it was that got me, but now I have to live with this sore leg, wondering who would want to attack me as I swam along, minding my own business…

It wasn’t a jellyfish. I think it was something harmless like a mite or (gulp) school of sealice. But whatever it was bit me all up and down my shin and knee. Ouch.

At least it wasn’t on my bum or boob. I think that would hurt a lot more.

Rich offered to R Kelly me on the leg, but fortunately it didn’t come to that.


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