immigration – an afterthought

So when I was going through immigration at Melbourne Airport on Monday, a funny thing happened. Here is the dialogue of what went down between me and the immigration officer (a man in his mid-fifties – let’s call him Peter):

Enter: me, passport and immigration card in hand, beaming, twinkling eyes, full of excitement

Me (approaching the desk): Hello!

Peter: Hello – THAT’S a winning smile! You get the winningest smile of the day award!

Me: *blushes* Thanks – I’m a bit excited about my trip today!

Peter (looking at my immigration card): 5 months… 5 months? You’re away for 5 months? How does anyone manage to get that much time off work??!

Me: I don’t know! <this dialogue is not working as well on paper as it did when it went down – I promise it wasn’t as ditzy as it sounds>

Peter (smiling): You must have made a mistake. Let me change that for you to 5 days…

Me (flashing that winning gold star smile in return – laughing intonation): Ho ho ho – yes OK!!

But then – Peter the immigration officer DID change my immigration card to 5 days. Was he joking?? I thought he was! I thought my ‘ho ho ho’-ing made it clear that I was joking!! Let this blog post be a testament to ‘the joke’ and that it WAS a joke and that I am SERIOUSLY away on this adventure for 5 months, not 5 days.

A 5 day adventure would still be an adventure, but not quite this adventure. Should I be nervous? Eep.


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