dog on blog

My friend Margie asked if there would be dogs on my blog. To which I replied:

“OF COURSE!!!!!”

I love dogs. I love their ability to brighten the greyest of days, and lift the darkest of spirits. My dog Gus is a black Schnauzer and he is amazing and I am going to miss him o so much when we’re away…. Right now he’s lying next to me on the couch and he’s resting his beardy chin on my leg – *sigh*.

So I’m really looking forward to meeting my friend Fiona’s dog Kashi when we’re in London. Here is Kashi being a big boundy pooch-face in the park.

Kashi in the park

I can’t wait to have a cider on a warm London evening with Fiona and Jerome and Rich and Kashi. I imagine Kashi will probably knock OVER my cider and then stand in our picnic of cheese and bread….



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